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Single discs

Nilfisk provides tree versions of powerful and easy-to-operate single-disc machines for a variety of cleaning applications.

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Single discs

- powerful and easy-to-operate machines for a variety of cleaning applications

Nilfisk provides three versions of powerful and easy-to-operate single-disc machines for a variety of cleaning applications. The single disc cleaning machines are suitable for both light-duty everyday cleaning and real heavy-duty tasks.

Whether the cleaning demand is scrubbing, polishing, spray cleaning, stripping, burnishing, or bonnet mopping, a Nilfisk single disc floor cleaning machine can meet and exceed your needs

Nilfisk Single Disc Machine

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Low speed

Low speed single disc machines are designed for medium-duty usage and scrubbing, spray cleaning and stripping of hard floors are handled quick and efficiently.
High speed

High-speed single disc machines are great for polishing, scrubbing and spray cleaning of hard floors. With excellent balance and solid aluminium construction, the design provides durability and extended life of the machine.
Two speed

Two-speed single disc machines offer the choice of either 185 or 370 rpm. These units handle stripping or scrubbing as well as high-speed spray cleaning or polishing of all floors.


Designed for easy operation
Single disc machines are intuitive and easy to operate, and require minimal training for the operator. A plug holder, cable hook, and ergonomic handle ensure an easy and safe cleaning process. Large wheels make it possible to move the machine over thresholds or up and down steps.

Pads and brushes to tailor your single disc machine
Interchangeable brushes and pads allow you to tailor your single disc machine to your specific cleaning task. Whether you need a floor scrubber, a polishing machine, spray cleaning, or stripping, your Nilfisk single disc machine can solve the task with one of the many brush and pad choices.

Comfortable operation with effective results
An adjustable and ergonomically designed handle, and easy maneuverability ensure comfortable operator handling with all of our single disc models. This allows your team to clean efficiently with less fatigue on all types of surfaces, from textile coverings to hard floors.

Reliability, durability, safety, and ergonomics as standard
The powerful, robust, and versatile single disc floor cleaning machines come from a global leader in professional cleaning equipment, where quality is a way of life. The reliable and durable machines deliver faultlessly every time and offer excellent value for money.

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