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Scrubber dryers

Get efficient cleaning and increase your productivity with our range of scrubber dryers.

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Scrubber dryers

- increase your productivity with a Nilfisk scrubber dryer

All over the world, people need clean workplaces, institutions, factories, hospitals, schools, airports, and homes. And as populations grow, the demand for cleaning increases.

Since the foundation of Nilfisk, we’ve been determined to meet these demands with sustainable solutions of the highest quality. We believe that achieving more with less is one of the key drivers for sustainable cleaning. Less energy, less water, and less detergent.

Our sustainable range of floor scrubber dryers is a result of this mindset. Through years of industry-leading experience, we’ve built a solution that ensures efficient cleaning while maintaining the highest level of quality and productivity. 


Explore our range

Stand-on/ride-on scrubber dryers

The Nilfisk series of stand-on and ride-on scrubber dryers reduces the working effort and significantly improves productivity. The range covers cleaning of small commercial areas as well as large industrial applications.
Walk-behind scrubber dryers

Nilfisk walk-behind scrubber dryers are carefully designed to improve productivity and drive down your total cleaning cost. The effective use of water and detergent combined with an easy to use design makes the Nilfisk walk behind scrubber dryer the reliable choice.

Benefits with scrubber dryers

Optimize your floor cleaning with a Nilfisk scrubber dryer
Scrubber dryers are motorized floor cleaning machines that pair the airflow and suction of a vacuum cleaner with the sanitizing capabilities of a mop and bucket. With consistent brush pressure, and even mixing of water and detergent within the solution tank, even the least powerful scrubber dryer will prove significantly superior to traditional methods, providing clean and dry results in a fraction of the time.

Save water and energy with smart chemical portioning
Finding the proper dosage of chemicals and detergent is crucial for optimal cleaning. If you don’t use enough, it’ll be tough to remove the stubborn dirt and stains. If you use too much, it’ll be a waste of money, and you risk leaving residual chemicals on the floor.

Enable daytime cleaning with low-noise operation
Let’s be honest. No one enjoys the noise of a machine that is constantly buzzing. Our range of scrubber dryers is designed to keep noise at an absolute minimum, allowing you to clean in noise-sensitive areas, even during the daytime if required. Some of our floor scrubber dryers are equipped with SilentTechTM, a technology designed to reduce the noise further.

Maneuver in narrow spaces with our compact range
Our scrubbers are all built for tight areas to help you maneuver in the most compact spaces. However tight a space you’re cleaning, a Nilfisk floor scrubber dryer will be able to fit.

Easy to use and operate
It’s our ambition to design scrubber dryers that are extremely easy to use and operate. Our walk-behind models all come with an ergonomic handle, while our ride-on scrubber dryers offer plenty of legroom and a light steering wheel. And that’s not all. Many of our models are equipped with Nilfisk OneTouchTM, enabling you to start the floor scrubber dryer with a single touch of a button.

8 tips to make your floor sparkling with a scrubber dryer

Proper floor care can make a significant difference when it comes to public hygiene. And sometimes, some areas are dirtier than others and need an extra round.

“Double scrub if required. If the area is particularly dirty, double scrubbing may be the only way to remove stubborn soils.”

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Optimize your scrubber dryer’s performance

Deliver better hygiene with smarter floorcare.

The right floorcare can make a major difference when it comes to public hygiene. Catch up on the industry’s best practices, and get a quick guide to implementing them in your cleaning program.

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