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Combination machines

Nilfisk combination machines are ideal for diverse heavy-duty cleaning tasks where durability and high performance are needed.

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Sweeper and scrubber combination machines

- for heavy-duty cleaning

Nilfisk sweeper and scrubber combination machines are ideal for diverse heavy-duty cleaning tasks where durability and high performance are needed. Nilfisk combination machines offer you a wide range of innovative and flexible features to take on your cleaning challenge in large areas such as Warehouse and logistics facilities, car parks, airports, production sites, or shopping centers.

Battery-powered or with the newest hybrid technology, our sweeping and scrubbing machines deliver unparalleled performance while replacing power-hungry hydraulic systems with efficient and innovative Electric Drive Technology.

Nilfisk combination machines are innovative and flexible and offer features to take on big cleaning challenges. Greener, cleaner, and smarter!


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Hybrid and ePower combi machines


Full control with less training
The OneTouch™ system makes activation of all essential functions in our combined sweeper and scrubber machines simple and intuitive for the operator.  Ergonomic handles with touchpoints further ensure easy operator control with a reduced need for training and a lower risk of errors.

High-performance cleaning of large areas
Get powerful floor sweeping and scrubbing in one work step with our innovative combination machines. An optimal solution for large-area cleaning, the rugged industrial engine design and durable steel unibody frame offer superior operating life with high-performance cleaning capabilities.

A wide range of options to tailor the machine to your needs
Nilfisk combination machines offer reduced costs, labor, and maintenance, while effectively increasing efficiency. Our combined sweeper and scrubber machines come with a wide range of optional features including NoTools™ technology for easy replacement and adjustment, patented DustGuard™ technology, and the innovative  Ecoflex™ system.

High efficiency and reduced maintenance
We have improved the efficiency and durability of our sweeper and scrubber machines by eliminating high-maintenance hydraulic systems and replacing them with an intelligent system of electronically controlled, low-maintenance electric technology for reduced maintenance costs and a lower total cost of ownership.

Safer cleaning with speed control
Automatic speed reduction improves operator safety and reduces the risk of impact damage. An adjustable seat and ergonomic handle further ensure safe and comfortable operation. Our floor sweeper and scrubber machines are compliant with all applicable safety standards, including third-party certification.

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