Park Ranger 2150 – basic machine
PARK RANGER 2150 A0 DAIHATSU (E90001061) (întrerupt) E90001061
PARK RANGER 2150 A0 PERKINS (E90001071) (întrerupt) E90001071

Park Ranger 2150

Putere și polivalență pentru întreținerea parcului în tot cursul anului!

Park Ranger 2150 – basic machine
Park Ranger 2150 – basic machine
Our outdoor products (Park Ranger 2150 / City Ranger 2250) are now owned by Egholm A/S. Egholm A/S is in the process of making a new website and webshop. In the meantime the product information will remain on our website. If you need more information, please contact Egholm A/S directly:
Nr. produs E97000100
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