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More cleaning capability
with less hassle

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Nilfisk Rental makes it easy to maintain or expand your cleaning capabilities with new top-grade equipment. By renting your Nilfisk equipment, you can free up cash flow in your business and eliminate risks and costs linked to ownership.

Our rental solution focuses on convenience and transparency, with service costs included. We ensure that you are supported throughout the process, from machine selection to ended rental period.

By renting your Nilfisk machine or fleet, you’re opting for an end-to-end solution, including maintenance and servicing on-location by our trained and certified technicians. Our rental solution makes the administration of your fleet hassle-free, and all you have to focus on is your business, with maximized performance and uptime.

Key benefits

A Nilfisk Rental package is a plug and play solution for periods of 2-5 years, including machine setup, a full service program, and experienced assistance to help match your business and cleaning needs. Here the key benefits:
Preserve your cash to invest in your business
Eliminate the need for an up-front investment and protect cashflow for your core activity.
Hassle-free solution to free up your time and focus
Let Nilfisk handle the setup, administration and maintenance of your equipment, so you can focus on keeping your business moving.
Easy budgeting with service costs included
Know your costs in advance, over the entire lifetime of your contract - and optimize the way you plan your business.
High performance end-to-end, from day one
Receive service from our certified technicians to ensure top-grade cleaning technology with consistent high performance

All-Inclusive solution

A smart option backed by a trusted partner

Nilfisk Rental aims to provide you with the means to solve cleaning challenges of any scale, at any time – backed by reliable service and support based on 110 years of experience in the cleaning industry.

Finance provided by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions. The conditions and specifics of Nilfisk Rental may vary in different countries. Check your local Nilfisk website for specific information.