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Nilfisk and Novozymes announce open collaboration to explore the future of sustainable cleaning

World-leading biotechnology paired with 114 years of cleaning equipment expertise. That’s what Novozymes and Nilfisk are bringing to the table in a new innovation partnership supported by HelloScience. Entrepreneurs and startups across the Nordic countries are being invited to find new solutions in sustainable cleaning.

The need and demand for cleaning and disinfection have changed with the spread of COVID-19 around the world. These times also call for new partnerships which work toward a common vision of finding the innovative, sustainable cleaning solutions of tomorrow.

With this goal in mind, Novozymes and Nilfisk are entering an open collaboration through the HelloScience platform, whereby entrepreneurs and established companies can connect with one another through innovation that supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

The HelloScience partnership will, among other objectives, explore new ways to develop intelligent, sustainable cleaning solutions combining biotech and cleaning equipment.

“At Nilfisk, we have 114 years of knowledge about cleaning, which can improve people’s quality of life and make the world a cleaner place. COVID-19 has driven new demand and requests for cleaning, and that’s why the pairing of enzymes, microorganisms, hardware, and new ideas, is more interesting than ever. We are inviting in talented individuals, startups, and partners to collectively drive innovation in cleaning and respond to a global challenge,” says Camilla Ramby, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing and CSR at Nilfisk.

Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions, with a vision of integrating healthy microorganisms within cleaning processes, thereby significantly reducing the risk of pathogen-related infection.

"We want to explore sustainable cleaning with partners, start-ups, researchers and students to rethink the concept of clean."


“The great thing about HelloScience is that we’re increasing the amount of intelligence available for finding solutions. Aside from the knowledge we already have at Novozymes and Nilfisk, we can gather insights from the world’s universities, organizations, and other companies, and together we can forge a path to new collaboration – and solutions that we never could have conceived of on our own,” says Enjer Bech Jensen, VP Microbe Research at Novozymes.

Starting today, five areas within future sustainable cleaning are being made public online, giving startups and partners the opportunity to contribute ideas and solutions for how tomorrow’s sustainable solutions might look. Novozymes and Nilfisk are also making their brightest minds available. Experience shows that open collaboration is what leads to innovation, regardless of the size, culture, or corporate policy of those involved.

“This project and HelloScience are based on the UN Climate Report and the Sustainable Development Goals. If we are to meet these goals, it will require change on a scale we’ve never seen before. We believe it will require radically different partnerships between leading researchers, global companies, and startups,” says Alfred Birkegaard, leader of The Collaboratorium, which manages daily operations at HelloScience.

The project will occur in three phases:

  1. Open Call: Novozymes and Nilfisk have identified a series of challenges relating to future sustainable cleaning. Throughout the fall season, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be invited to contribute ideas and possible solutions for these challenges.
  2. Livelab: The most promising ideas and SMEs will meet with Nilfisk, Novozymes, and investors on the 4th of November, 2020; the event will be facilitated in collaboration with the Danish Chamber of Commerce
  3. Incubation: Chosen projects will receive mentorship from Nilfisk and Novozymes, as well as resources that can help accelerate their development.

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