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January 31, 2019

Customer story: Rising to the challenge

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Amy’s Bread, a nationally-recognized bakery specializing in handmade, traditional breads, sandwiches and sweets, has a production facility in Long Island City and three retail cafes in New York City. Founded 22 years ago, the bakery relied on using mops and brooms, like many traditional bakeries, but those old cleaning habits were inefficient and sometimes unsafe.

Just some of their daily cleaning challenges include the removal of sticky flour and dust on all surfaces, from floors to equipment, ceiling pipes and beams; following FDA and OSHA regulations for food facilities; safety concerns with overhead cleaning and dust mitigation, and finding a cost-effective system that is simple to use.

To find a new and more efficient way to tackle routine cleaning of their 30,000 sqft of food production facility, they turned to Nilfisk.
Transforming cleaning
“We weren’t truly addressing our cleaning needs with mops and brooms. We would have to pre-soak caked on flour, and clean over one area multiple times. For overhead cleaning, two people used a ladder and a shop-style vac. It was difficult for them and disruptive to our work flow. Now, it’s a one-person job, and we can do it while others are working in the room,” said Jessica Blank, facilities manager at Amy’s Bread.

After a consultation with Nilfisk-Advance, Amy’s made the decision to proceed with a floor-to-ceiling cleaning solution. They quickly found the equipment makes them more productive and effective.

Faster and more thorough
They use a SC351 Push Scrubber, which fits in tight, hard-to-reach spaces, a SC1500 Rider Scrubber/Sweeper to quickly clean large, heavily- soiled areas, and a S2 Industrial vacuum to collect fine dust and flour debris in crevices, on floors, production equipment, in hot ovens, and on overhead pipes and beams.

“With the combination of the scrubbers and the vacuum, we can reclaim production rooms and get back to work quickly. It is three to four times faster to clean and the cleaning is now more thorough. We can easily clean twice a day, and we don’t have to increase headcount to do it,” said Jessica.

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