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January 08, 2018

Customer Case - A Micro Revolution

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Mechanised floor cleaning over traditional mopping transforms cleaning results in retail environments.​

The market for micro scrubber dryers continues to grow as more customers take advantage of the multiple benefits of scrubbing over traditional mopping. Nilfisk customer Jerry Tweney of Tweney Retail discusses how the move towards mechanised cleaning has improved the cleaning result, whilst realising cost savings as productivity increases as downtime is reduced.​

Tweney Retail Ltd operates a new 1600sq ft Budgens convenience store in the heart of Prestbury, near Cheltenham. The business trades from a Grade II listed thatched building that has been a retail outlet for approx. 106 years.

Historic buildings present challenges, in this case a 10 year old plastic floor specified originally for its flexibility on wobbly, uneven floors. The light coloured surface, however, had been continuously hand mopped and looked permanently dirty with large brown stains, particularly where mats had been.

Faced with replacing the floor entirely before the official store re-opening in August this year, proprietor Jerry Tweney decided that a deep clean was required and the switch from manual to mechanised cleaning process was necessary to improve the cleaning result.

Micro Scrubber Dryers are perfect for cleaning tight, awkward, hard to reach areas and this is certainly the case with Tweney Retail. Aisles are very narrow in places, with small nooks and crannies and slopes in some areas.

Having made the decision that a professional cleaning machine was required, Jerry trialled a range of options: however, most of the models were not heavy duty enough to achieve the desired cleaning result. Influenced by a longstanding awareness of the Nilfisk brand, and then the colour of the waste water after demonstration, Jerry selected the robust Nilfisk SC351 scrubber dryer, which has a scrubbing width of 370mm. A cleaning schedule of daily scrubbing with chemical was implemented for 10 days in the run up to the store opening.

Jerry Tweney
Jerry Tweney outlined the successful case: “Every day the waste water from the machine was thick and brown, it seemed never ending but we succeeded in getting the floor back to its original state. We used a brush for the first 10 days and are now using a red pad to maintain it. Customers regularly come in and compliment on the condition of the floor assuming we have replaced it; the current appearance really is extraordinary compared to earlier this year. Productivity is also much improved: staff used to spend around 40 minutes mopping with cold water compared to only 20 minutes now.

“The staff love the Nilfisk SC351, which can be used during opening times as it is so quiet and leaves the floor instantly dry. The machine is regularly used at 6am and there are residents upstairs that remain undisturbed. We also have a coffee machine instore so the unit often makes an appearance for spillages. The machine cleans right up the edges, goes right into corners and literally turns on a sixpence. The ability to scrub and dry simultaneously in forward and reverse mode is key and the weight of the unit ensures it follows the line of the floor perfectly.”​

“Another major factor was the excellent turning radius within an aisle of 85cm, perfect for a crowded retail space where cleanliness is critical. The pre- and post-sale support from Nilfisk was also first class.”

Micro common sense
The market for micro scrubber dryers continues to grow as more customers take advantage of the multiple benefits of scrubbing over traditional mopping. The value of clean remains key, with cost savings also being realised as productivity increases and downtime is reduced on labour and chemical elements.

The intuitive controls of the Nilfisk SC351 scrubber dryer ensure minimal staff training, plus maintenance is also fast and simple. The unit features a removable two tank system with transparent plastic lids and rubber protected handles. Additionally no tools are required for all regular maintenance tasks including changing the squeegee blade
and battery charging.

The micro scrubber dryer range is an example of Nilfisk’s consistent improvement and refinement of their high quality professional cleaning machines.
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