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June 22, 2016

Nilfisk introduces accessories for industrial vacuums in pharma and food sectors

Nothing works better than the right tool​Color coded and high temperature accessories included. Using the right accessory means getti…

Product Launches
April 28, 2016

MH 3M and MH 4M - with high performance and best in class mobility

Nilfisk introduces the MH 3M and MH 4M series which takes mid-range hot water high pressure washers to a new level, meeting the latest produ…

Product Launches
April 20, 2016

FLOORTEC R 985 - Reducing consumption and service costs at once

Nilfisk FLOORTEC R 985 turns handling of dust and debris on large indoor floors and outdoor areas into a productive, sustainable and cost-ef…

Product Launches
April 20, 2016

SW5500 - Productive in and outdoor sweeping

The SW5500 offers a highly productive, comfortable and cost-effective way to sweep large floors and outdoor areas of dust and debris. A ride…

Product Launches
March 30, 2016

VHS110 ATEX, explosion-proof industrial vacuum

Discover the new VHS110 ATEX industrial vacuum cleaner. Model VHS110 ATEX is a high quality industrial vacuum suitable for use in ATEX…

Product Launches
March 30, 2016


​Nilfisk introduces model VHS110 CR, the industrial vacuum for Cleanrooms​ Nilfisk introduces a new standard in the cleanrooms vacuum clean…

Product Launches
February 28, 2016

Celebrating Nilfisk's 110 year anniversary

In 2016, Nilfisk celebrates its 110 year anniversary, and in a short series of stories we plan to present highlights from the company's hist…

Company News
February 22, 2016

SCRUBTEC R 253 - Put your cleaning in the driving seat

Speed up your cleaning The SCRUBTEC R 253 is fast and ideal for light and medium cleaning of indoor areas, such as in warehouses, small ind…

Product Launches
January 13, 2016

SC2000 - Take a ride and speed up cleaning productivity

​The compact Nilfisk SC2000 scrubber dryer introduces significant benefits at the same price level as a walk-behind machine. Cleaning pr…

Product Launches