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October 04, 2018

Solving two key contract-cleaning challenges with smarter solutions

When we look at today’s contract-cleaning industry, it’s clear that two ongoing challenges influence the pace at which the industry adopts n…

Business Insights Tech-Enhanced Cleaning
July 23, 2018

Go cordless with a battery-powered solution

The constantly evolving battery technology is driving a growing number of battery-powered applications in different industries. Moreover, ba…

Tech-Enhanced Cleaning
June 21, 2018

IoT opens the door to connected cleaning

This article was brought in Chain Store Age magazine, June 13, 2018.​ In the years ahead, retailers will make use of cleaning devices tha…

Tech-Enhanced Cleaning
June 12, 2018

Bringing state-of-the-art technology to craftsmen

Craftsmen in the renovation, building and construction industry have faced a classic dilemma for years. They have the power tools they need…

Tech-Enhanced Cleaning
May 08, 2018

The Maturing Market for Autonomous Cleaning Solutions

After nearly a decade of little to no major product advancements in the commercial cleaning industry, the last few years have been pivotal i…

Robotic Cleaning Tech-Enhanced Cleaning
May 06, 2018

Autonomous scrubber from Nilfisk goes back to school

While new technologies are paving the way for smarter ways of cleaning, some things never change – like the need to deliver high quality cle…

Customer Stories Robotic Cleaning Tech-Enhanced Cleaning
May 01, 2018

Raising the bar on safety

​ These days, robotics is talk of the town in the professional cleaning industry. But robots are not a new phenomenon. They have worked alon…

Robotic Cleaning Tech-Enhanced Cleaning
April 30, 2018

Boosting productivity through digital fleet-management

How do you track the performance of multiple machines at multiple locations? One European cleaning company learned how to improve transparen…

Customer Stories Tech-Enhanced Cleaning
March 23, 2018

Up to 40 per cent of cleaning could use autonomous solutions

​​This interview was brought in European Cleaning Journal, February/March 2018 issue. ECJ editor Michelle Marshall speaks to Nilfisk’s r…

Robotic Cleaning Tech-Enhanced Cleaning