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Sustainable cleaning makes a difference


Making cleaning activities sustainable

Cleaning matters to our health, safety and surroundings. For an increasing number of our customers, employees, and investors, many business operators now see sustainability efforts as a basic requirement of conducting business.

Sustainability is blossoming into a key driver and qualifier for customers reassessing their cleaning equipment, as well as who will supply it.

So, keeping customers well-informed through active transparency about our sustainability efforts – from sourcing to innovation, to solution design – must be an important an on-going process that allows us to provide solutions that are tailormade to our customer’s specific needs.

Across all sectors, businesses increasingly see the need and opportunity to take a clear stand on sustainability - to not only support brand imaging and core business activity but to also reside on the good global citizen side of the ledger. Green-cleaning business-positioning and certifications are fast-growing trends, as awareness and demand grow among customers and stakeholders. One example is LEED certified buildings demand LEED-compliant cleaning as a requirement to gain their certification.

Mindful cleaning makes a difference

It is important to conduct a complete analysis of your current operations to establish a consumption baseline. This self-audit should include, collecting data about the products and processes you use, what inventory you keep on hand, and what sustainability solutions you already have in place. How we clean impacts the air we breathe, the water we use, as well as the energy we expend and consume.

The importance of before-use, during-use and after-use of energy

  • Before use scrutinize the sourcing of materials and energy used throughout the manufacturing and supply chain processes respectively — including packaging materials (recyclable, biodegradable, etc.) as well as waste levels
  • During use minimize the use of energy, water, and chemicals to reduce C02 emissions
  • After use are solutions designed so materials and components can be recycled or re-used? Is a return or refurbishment program in place to provide a very necessary service to customers?

This is the future demand we see. We, the industry and our customers are all still on a journey to ensure that we go from compliance to commitment when it comes to responsible and sustainable cleaning. Let’s build a cleaner future together

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