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Visible cleaning matters

Cleaning makes a difference in how we
experience the spaces we live and work


Changing the way clean is seen

Cleaning provides a feeling of comfort, safety and healthy spaces. Even the smallest things make a difference in how we experience the spaces we live and work.

Before the pandemic, cleaning was a backstage activity, designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. It was also an assumed activity unless there was evidence indicating otherwise. For example, if you walked into a restaurant or a hotel room and everything looked clean, you would assume that it was. You’d only start to question the cleanliness, and perhaps your own health and safety if you saw obvious indicators that it was not.

A clear display of safety and security

Today, cleanliness is no longer assumed, and we’re getting used to seeing proof that practically any space we enter is clean. The best way to provide this proof is for businesses to let people see their cleaning crews in action: Clean often, clean visibly, and communicate.

Visible cleaning measures and relevant communication are perceived to be safety essentials, and it is no longer considered good enough to simply clean a space thoroughly.

Best practices for cleaning
Clean often
  • Clean and sanitize counters and equipment after every interaction or use
  • Disinfect high-touch objects (e.g., door handles, light switches) multiple times a day
  • Disinfect floors and other lower-touch surfaces at least once a day
  • Deep clean high-traffic areas frequently
Clean visible
  • Clean floors, restrooms, and other common areas during working hours
  • Clean high-touch objects like point-of-sale systems right before customers use them
  • Provide hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes so that people can control the cleanliness of things they touch
  • Display a third-party certification where possible
  • Display information about your cleaning protocols on your property and on your websites; if possible, send this information to customers and employees by email
  • Hold regular employee briefings about cleaning activities
  • Provide materials employees can take home to reassure their families on their safety

Transparency is about more than just cleaning

Being open and transparent about cleaning procedures provides a feeling of safety. In a 2020 survey by Deloitte Consulting, 73% of employees stated they would feel more confident if they observed active cleaning efforts. And although conditions have shifted, we continue to believe that the need to feel comfortable in public spaces is important. People have a genuine need to feel safe and to receive clear communication about health, cleanliness and safety. We put considerable effort into creating safe spaces that meet business-critical demands for employees and customers alike.

Let’s make things better together.

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