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Tech-enhanced cleaning supports health and safety

Improving your cleaning performance
can make a space healthy and safe


The path to better and safer cleaning

As cleaning becomes synonymous with safety, the demands for cleaning more frequently and thoroughly also increase. In response to more pressing demands and shifting availability of ample cleaning crews, new ways of maintaining productivity and cleaning efficiency have evolved. And advances in technology are paving the way for smarter and more efficient approaches to achieve cleaner, healthier and safer spaces.

Transforming how we clean through technology​

Employing new developments in technology is proving to be one way we rapidly transform how cleaning tasks are performed. From hazardous dust containment to employing more cost-efficient techniques, adding machine technology and robotics to your cleaning fleet can be a difference maker.

Retaining your cleaning staff and providing a good, safe and healthy work environment is a critical key to the success of your business. And to best ensure your cleaning crews meet their objectives, it will become equally critical that they have the proper tools and equipment available.

Autonomous cleaning machines generally require minimal human assistance and can largely perform an assigned task on their own. For commercial and industrial operations, autonomous cleaning solutions, such as robotic floor scrubber dryers are creating new levels of safety, performance and efficiency in cleaning and sanitization.


Where technology comes in

Changes in procedures, products, and equipment used are key indicators that a new normal for cleaning is here. The right equipment can help your team work faster and more effectively, so you can meet increasing demands. New developments in technology have made some hazardous cleaning tasks a thing of the past.

Regulation (compliance) and shortage of labor (attracting and retaining labour) are bolstering the argument that a good, safe and healthy work environment is key.

The 2021 Facility Cleaning Decisions Management Survey has confirmed that the highest rise in cleaning priorities year-on-year have been:

  • Improved productivity/cleaning times 2020: 11% 2021: 44%
  • Preventing cross-contamination 2020: 13% 2021: 44%
  • Improving indoor air quality 2020: 1% 2021: 33%

Shifts in productivity, hygiene, and quality control are key indicators that facility management is changing – and that confidence that public spaces are safe to occupy is continuing to grow.


67% of a facility manager’s purchasing priority is driven by product performance, quality and durability

A new day in cleaning technology

Professional cleaning is hard work, and with the new strict cleaning standards, it’s getting harder. When we talk about technology, it is not just about efficiency and performance. It is just as much about durability and serviceability. New technology must be intuitive and easy to adopt - as technology and machines integrate into your cleaning strategy they must be trusted to operate efficiently, in a timely way and meet financial investment expectations.

When cleaning is business-critical, companies can’t afford having their equipment be out of commission. To keep machines running efficiently, many cleaning OEMs have started offering virtual site visits and service calls as an alternative to in-person visits. Video conferencing software and virtual reality (VR) headsets are two tools service technicians employ to help customers troubleshoot, solve problems quickly, and minimize equipment downtime - saving companies valuable time and higher costs on service calls.

For more than a century, we have been at the forefront of cleaning technology. Together with our business partners, we will continue to deliver technology solutions that help you clean more effectively, safely, and sustainably.

Let’s change things for the better.

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