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Attix vacuums for dust extraction

The last couple of years has taught us to adapt and integrate new ways of cleaning. Cleaning is about more than a clean space, because cleaning matters to our health, safety and environment.

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Options for sustainable options in operators panel

The awareness about and the demand for sustainable cleaning grow among customers and stakeholders. Many business and organisations now see sustainability efforts as a basic requirement of conducting business.

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Floor cleaning warehouse aisle

The right cleaning makes it safer and easier for warehouse staff to deliver, orders fulfilled and customers satisfied.

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Floor cleaning in retail

From supermarkets and small stores to big-box retailers and shopping malls, cleaning standards are higher than ever before.

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Robot cleaning machine in supermarket aisle

Robotic floor cleaners can perform high-volume, repetitive tasks for hours at a time, with no reduction in efficiency – while your team members carry out jobs requiring human dexterity.

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