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Complimentary cleaning assessment for Warehouses & Logistics Centers

During a cleaning assessment, we will…

  • Send a cleaning expert to your facility, no obligations
  • Review your cleaning challenges and pain points
  • Advise on alternate equipment solutions to improve your operations
  • Conduct equipment demonstrations on-site

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What Happens During a Cleaning Site Assessment?

Identifying hazards and areas for compliance

Our cleaning consultants have been in a lot of facilities. Because of this, they can spot hazards and noncompliance areas you might not be aware of.

Understanding your cleaning challenges

Although there are many similarities among your locations, there are also many differences. That’s why we focus on understanding your cleaning challenges from your perspective.

Providing customized equipment recommendations

We offer equipment in many different sizes to optimize productivity based on facility size. We also offer a wide variety of technologies and accessories, which can be customized for your needs.

Demoing the equipment

You and your cleaning staff should always have a chance to try the equipment, either during the site assessment or as a follow-up.


Identify challenges, discover solutions

100,000+ facility managers rely on us to help select cleaning equipment for the toughest jobs.

“We only have 5 hours to clean our entire facility, inside and outside, every night.

After a cleaning assessment with Nilfisk, they solved our challenge with just 1 piece of equipment. The SW5500 continues to deliver day in and day out.”

Bryan Jones, Operations Manager, Beaches Logistics


What does it take to clean in a warehouse?

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