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Data Terms for Autonomous and Connected Machines

The Data Terms below, are the agreement between an end-user customer (buyer or lessee) and Nilfisk involving any Nilfisk machine that the customer has purchased or leased, directly from Nilfisk or through third parties, and that transmits data from machines to Nilfisk in any way, including through any data transmission devices or systems Nilfisk provides. The Access Terms, below, are terms agreed by Nilfisk and customers, incorporated into the Data Terms by reference as an appendix, accessible through a link to this site. They set out how employees or others acting on a customer’s behalf may access and use certain Nilfisk devices and systems to receive notifications from Nilfisk about machine operation. Customers decide at their discretion which employees or other machine operators, if any, may receive notifications from Nilfisk. Employees or others using machines should contact customers with questions about the Access Terms.