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Clean is Changing. Here you’ll get key insights into what is going on in the cleaning industry and inspiration for your solutions.

In recent years, we have seen a paradigm shift that has compelled many companies to rethink their approach to cleaning. Cleanliness has become business-critical for all industries.

Let’s not just adapt to this reality – let’s make things better together.

Cleaning Trends
Let's make a difference together
Column Thumbnail New Scope Of Cleaning

A new scope of cleaning

Health and safety are a high priority where cleaning can make difference.

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Column Thumbnail Tech Enhanced

Tech-enhanced cleaning

Improving your cleaning performance makes a space healthy and safe.

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Visible cleaning

Cleaning in the open provides a feeling of comfort and safety in shared spaces.

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Sustainable cleaning

Cleaning is about more than a clean space. Cleaning matters to our health, safety and environment.

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Useful tips and knowledge for you​
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Vacuum Thumbnail

Best practices for vacuuming

You’re one step closer to gaining access to the best practices of the pros when creating safe, healthy environments with vacuuming.

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Hotwater Thumbnail

Best practices for hot water high pressure washers

Understand the critical steps to achieve the most effective clean possible. Get the details on how to professionally reduce and eliminate germs throughout your cleaning process.

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Steam Thumbnail

Best practices for safe steam cleaning

You’re one step closer to gaining access to the top tips & tricks for achieving the best cleaning results with a steam cleaner. Get the details on how safely and effectively use steam to achieve your cleaning objectives.

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Co Bot

The Co-Bot floor cleaning guide

Is an autonomous solution right for you? Our new eBook outlines how autonomous solutions can free up time for your cleaning crew to focus on other important cleaning tasks.

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Read our new trends eBook

You’re one step closer to gaining access to the latest expert insights and learnings on Health & Safety, sustainability and technology in cleaning. Find out more in our new Trends eBook.

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