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Improve your cleaning results with scrubber dryer

Today, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and other facilities safely and effectively perform cleaning activities during business hours while providing a visually welcome safety benefit to your customer.

The most effective, fastest, and safest way to clean hard floor surfaces in commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities is with a scrubber dryer.

Floors surfaces may not be as high touch as door handles, light switches, shopping carts and other surfaces in public spaces. Yet when and how we clean our floor areas can play a big role in helping us avoid the cross-transfer of harmful germs - keeping our business spaces safe and appealing for all.

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Best practices for cleaning with a scrubber dryer

Cleaning with a scrubber dryer is a safe and effective cleaning method.*

A few tips on how to best maximize your cleaning efforts:

1. Use a chemical portioning system

A proper chemical dispensing system will eliminate the need to mix solvents manually and save you the hassle of removing and emptying the solution tank after each use.

2. Keep the machine clean and dry

You can’t clean a floor with dirty equipment. Maintaining your scrubber with particular attention to washing of pads and brushes after each use will give you the best cleaning possible and keep your machine running optimally.

3. Inspect the squeegees and blades regularly

To keep your scrubber dryer running at its best, always be sure that squeegees and blades are in good condition and replaced when worn.

4. Keep the recovery tank lid open after use

Allow your scrubber to dry after each use to avoid developing odor-causing bacteria.

5. Don’t go too fast

Good cleaning results depend on using the right amount of water and chemical mix, whilst allowing the machine time to do its work. Adjust the water flow rate and down pressure to the correct levels (according to the soil load on the floor) and allow for sufficient dwell time.

6. Use cylindrical scrubbing when needed

Cylindrical machines wet-sweep large debris off the floor and scrub it clean in a single pass. When large amounts of loose debris are present, this cleaning process saves considerable time - as pre-sweeping is not required.

7. Use a pad containing diamonds or cubic zirconia.

Pads containing microscopic diamonds or cubic zirconia provide excellent cleaning results for certain types of floors. In real-world testing these pads have been shown to significantly decrease floor bacteria.

8. Double scrub as required

If the floor is particularly dirty or stained, double-scrubbing may be necessary to remove
stubborn soils.

* Remember to follow the recommended protocols for personal protection issued by your national, regional, state, and/or local public health authority (including wearing masks and gloves, washing hands frequently, and avoiding touching your face). Operating a scrubber dryer will not put users at increased risk of contracting airborne viruses such as the COVID-19 variant.

Scrubber dryer cleaning

We strive to support cleaning teams that work tirelessly to keep the world clean and safe.

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