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8 tips for efficient cleaning with scrubber dryers

Scrubber dryers allow you to become more efficient and help your floors become sparkling clean. Find the best cleaning tips here.

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Maximize your scrubber dryer cleaning with these 8 tips

When it comes to efficient cleaning, every detail matters. Discover the 8 tips that will help you get the most from your scrubber dryers every day.

  1. Use a chemical portioning system. If you don’t use enough chemical in your scrubber dryer, you won’t be able to clean effectively. If you use too much, you will not only waste money but also risk leaving residual chemical on the floor. A chemical dispensing system will also save your team from having to mix the detergent into the water manually and from having to remove and empty the solution tank after each use.

  2. Keep your scrubber dryer clean and dry. You can’t clean a floor with dirty equipment. All parts of the scrubber dryer machine, including all brushes and pads, should be thoroughly washed and allowed to dry after use.

  3. Inspect the squeegees and blades regularly. If the squeegees aren’t maintained in good condition, the scrubber dryer will not be able to pick up the contaminated water effectively. For more information about maintenance, read: “Maximizing your floor scrubber’s life and performance.”

  4. Keep the recovery tank lid open after use. This will allow for the scrubber dryer to dry and eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

  5. Don’t go too fast. Good scrubber dryer cleaning results depend on using the right amount of water and chemical and giving the machine time to do its work. Adjust the water flow rate and down pressure to the correct levels for the soil load on the floor and allow for sufficient dwell time. You can choose from stand on/ride on scrubber dryers or walk behind scrubber dryers depending on your need.

  6. Use cylindrical scrubbing when needed. Cylindrical scrubber dryers wet sweep large debris off of the floor and scrub it clean in a single pass. For applications where there is a lot of loose debris, a cylindrical machine can save considerable time because pre-sweeping isn’t necessary.

  7. Use a pad containing diamonds or cubic zirconia. Pads containing microscopic diamonds or cubic zirconia provide excellent cleaning results for certain types of floors. In realworld tests, these pads have been shown to significantly decrease the amount of bacteria on flooring.

  8. Double scrub if required. If the area is particularly dirty, double scrubbing may be the only way to remove stubborn soils.

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