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Corporate Social Responsibility

“We enable sustainable
cleaning worldwide to improve quality of life.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

“We enable sustainable
cleaning worldwide to improve quality of life.”

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Our CSR approach

Maximizing value

At Nilfisk, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a vital role in the future of our business. We believe positive business results are achieved by working persistently, and systematically, on CSR-related initiatives. We set robust goals and initiatives to minimize Nilfisk´s negative impact and maximize the value we create for people, the environment, and the economy.

Our strategy comprises four focus areas, across which we believe we can make the greatest impact:

Climate and Environment – Society – Customers – Workplace

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Climate and Environment

Reducing our climate and environmental footprint

Attention to our impact on global climate, and environment, is a critical part of Nilfisk’s CSR strategy and business. We focus on reducing our negative impact and leveraging opportunities to bring value to people and the environment. We have committed to the Science Based Targets initiative, and have set ambitious climate-impact targets.

Our work with an Environmental Management System (EMS), and a focus on certifying our sites in accordance with ISO 14001:2015, form the basis for further improving our environmental performance.

For more information, read Nilfisk’s latest CSR reportISO 14001:2015 certificate.

Nilfisk sets ambitious climate targets and commits to the Science Based Targets initiative

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Integrity and ethical processes

By priotizing integrity and ethical processes in every aspect of our business, we can ensure long-term, sustainable success for our company, employees, and society. Our Business Code of Conduct expresses Nilfisk’s commitment to promoting integrity-centric behavior throughout the company.

We fully support the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act, and we believe it is an important step toward increased transparency and the prevention of serious violations that occur across global supply chains.

For more information, read Nilfisk’s Business Code of Conduct, Statement on Modern Slavery Act and Nilfisk’s latest CSR report.


Ensuring product safety and quality

Nilfisk is committed to investing in innovative customer solutions while also ensuring product safety, quality, and sustainable performance. We work to raise the bar for product quality across our entire industry, and it is vital for us to engage in open, effective dialogue with our customers so that we provide correct, complete instructions for our products.

Our QMS ISO 9001:2015 is implemented across all production sites and distribution centers, ensuring that customers enjoy consistent product quality and safety.

For more information, read Ethics and Compliance document and ISO 9001:2015 certificate.


Safe workplace for all employees

Creating a healthy, safe, and engaging work environment for our employees is the cornerstone of Nilfisk’s success as a company.

We ensure that all employees are treated equally, and that they all enjoy the same opportunities and benefits at the workplace.

Another key aspect of our workplace commitments is a continuous focus on occupational health and safety, and making sure that Nilfisk is a safe workplace for all employees.

For more information, read Nilfisk's Business Code of Conduct, Nilfisk's Occupational Health and Safety charter and Nilfisk’s latest CSR report.

Certificates and reports

Nilfisk's Certificates and Reports

At Nilfisk, we want to bring transparency to our customers concerning our efforts at ensuring that products are safe and compliant. Nilfisk’s policy is to comply with all applicable standards, as well as any regulatory or legal requirements directed at Nilfisk or our products. In this section, we have provided Nilfisk’s Business Code of Conduct, Nilfisk’s Statement on Modern Slavery Act, and our ISO and Product Compliance Declarations.

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