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General contacts and info

1. Where can I find a dealer near me?

You can find nearby Nilfisk dealers on our local country websites here.

2. How can I contact Nilfisk?

You can find contact information and online contact forms for our local Costumer Care- and Sales teams via the local Nilfisk websites.

You can also use our general contact form and we'll send your request to the right team.

3. How do I get service on my machine?

4. How do I find the item I am looking for on the website?

Use the search feature on our websites and look for either the desired product name or an item number. If you still can't find what you are looking for, our friendly Customer care teams are here to help.

Find contact info on our local Nilfisk websites or use our general contact form.

5. Where can I get information material/ operating instructions?

Find the page of the product you need info about using the search function or navigation through the 'Product' section.

On each product page you can find a 'Download' area containing all current documents related to the product.

You can find also find information in our general catalogues and brochures here.


Spare parts and accessories

1. Where can I find spare parts?

We stock over 1,000,000 different spare parts for the most popular of our cleaning machines. You can buy spare parts at your nearby dealer, by logging in to your local online ecommerce-shop (if available) or by contacting our Customer Care team.

2. Where can I find accessories?

Use the search feature on our website to find our wide range of accessories or find relevant accessories directly on the page for the respective product.

You can also contact your local dealer - find dealers on the local Nilfisk websites.

3. Which cleaning detergent for which requirement?

Nilfisk offers a range of cleaning agents, alkaline, neutral and acidic cleaners, disinfectants and floor care products for almost every purpose.
The right choice of cleaning agent depends on the degree of soiling, the mechanics used and the nature of the material.

The most important questions to ask in advance are:

  1. What type of dirt is to be removed? Note: The pH value of the cleaning agent is often determined by the type of dirt to be removed.

  2. What surface condition is to be treated? Note: Not all detergents can be used on all surfaces. If you are in doubt it is advisable to carry out a trial test on a small area.

  3. Which method and which equipment? Note: The use of aggressive cleaning agents in the cleaning machines should be avoided. General guidelines for the use of cleaning agents with the machines are:
    • Neutral and alkaline cleaning agents can be used in high pressure cleaners, floor cleaning machines and carpet cleaners etc.
    • Liquid sprayers are suitable for all types of cleaning agents.
      Please note that some slightly acidic cleaning agents with corrosion protection agents can only be applied in the machines for a short time.

  4. Special regulations and requirements:
    Always observe the locally applicable regulations regarding the
    disposal of cleaning agents, oil separation, required approvals for certain components/ingredients.

You can find our range of cleaning agents here


Warranty and repair

1. How long do I have warranty rights?

We assume the warranty as follows:

  1. Commercial use
    Machines, accessories, repairs, spare parts and maintenance: 12 months from delivery

  2. Household use
    Machines and accessories: 24 months from delivery
    Repairs and spare parts: 12 months from delivery

  3. 3 years warranty on Nilfisk industrial pumps

For more information on your warranty rights, please contact our Customer Care team.

2. How do I post/arrange for a repair if my item is defective?

Nilfisk technicians have the knowledge and tools to maintain high performance throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.

For repair requests and faster processing of your concern, please use the online Service form on your local country website. Find local websites here


Online purchase, delivery and return

1. Where can I get access to Nilfisk Store?

To get access to our online B2B shop, Nilfisk Store, please contact our Customer Care team through the online contact form.

2. Where do I get the information if an item number has changed?

Please visit Nilfisk Store, our online B2B shop, to find all relevant item numbers. If an item number is replaced, you will be referred to the correct item number.

Find your local Nilfisk Store here

If you do not have access to Nilfisk Store or have other questions, please contact our Customer Care team through the contact us form.

3. Why have I only received one part of my order?

In some cases we split orders, so that you don’t have to wait for everything to be on stock before delivering. Please check the status on your order in Nilfisk Store or contact Customer Care.

4. Where do I get the information if my delivery is delayed?

Please login to your local Nilfisk Store where you can find all the information about your order like delivery dates, invoices etc.

If you need access for Nilfisk Store or have other questions, contact Customer Care.

5. How can I return an item?

If you want to return an item purchased in our Nilfisk Store, please contact our Customer Care team through our online contact form.

Contact us

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