Applicant FAQs - Career at Nilfisk | Nilfisk


How to apply for a job

1. Where do I find available positions in Nilfisk?

Please find all global available job positions here

2. How do I apply for a job at Nilfisk?

You can find an overview of all jobs available here.

Please note: that we use LinkedIn for recruitment purposes where we view publicly open profiles to find potential candidates for our vacancies and share the profiles with Nilfisk employees involved in the recruitment process.

Also note: that due to data protection regulations, we are not allowed to receive applications via e-mail, LinkedIn, or any other channel besides our official career page.

We look forward to receiving and reading your CV.

3. Can I send an unsolicited application?

Unfortunately, we do not accept unsolicited applications.

Anyone aspiring to work at Nilfisk is welcome to create a profile in our career system, where you will then receive notification alerts of relevant job openings.

Follow Nilfisk on LinkedIn and stay updated with job openings and other interesting information about us.

4. Do you have a Nilfisk referral program?

Yes, we have a referral program, and we encourage you to reach out to any friends or former Nilfisk employees so that they can submit your information and answer any questions you might have about the company.

5. Can I apply for a job located in a different country?

Yes, however please be aware that we usually do not support relocation costs.


Practical about applying

1. How do I add a cover letter or attachments when I apply for a job?

When you apply for a position in our career system, follow the steps in the application flow. After submitting your CV, it is possible to attach additional documents in the step called “Application”.

2. Can I withdraw my application?

Yes, you can always withdraw your application:


Salery, benefits and more

1. What is the salary for a job at Nilfisk?

It depends on the position and the candidate profile. We offer market value based on a global compensation benchmark database. In some positions e.g., within Sales, a bonus scheme is added.

2. Which benefits does Nilfisk offer?

Nilfisk offer a range of benefits, however it depends on the location and work site. Please ask during the recruitment process to receive a correct answer.

3. Does Nilfisk support work visa?

In some cases, yes. Please ask during the recruitment process as it depends on the situation.

4. Does Nilfisk support relocation?

Per default, no, however it depends on the situation.


The recruitment process

1. How is the recruitment process at Nilfisk?

The purpose of our recruitment process is to find out if there is a match between what you are looking for, and what we can offer. If the hiring manager or Recruiter finds your application relevant, you will be contacted for an interview. We will typically conduct an initial phone screening, and if successful, invite you for an interview with the Hiring Manager. If you continue in the recruitment process, depending on the country and position, we often conduct a personality assessment and aptitude test in which, upon completion, you will be invited for a feedback conversation.

The recruitment process can, however, vary from country to country. The hiring manager or Recruiter will inform you about the process according to each respective country and position.