Nilfisk-CFM changes to Nilfisk

Dear Visitor,
Beginning January 1, 2015, we will change the name, Nilfisk-CFM to Nilfisk with the identifier, Industrial Vacuum Solutions.

Our products, sales and service will not change and we will continue to provide you with unique high quality industrial vacuum solutions.
The brand Nilfisk industrial vacuum solutions will keep:
• A strong focus on customer needs.
• A dedicated sales division in each local market.
• A complete range of industrial vacuums, pneumatic conveyors, centralized vacuum systems and high power vacuums.

What’s new?:
• The new website address will be industrial-vacuum.nilfisk.com (without www), to discover innovations in vacuum solutions.
• The brand will be represented by the premium Nilfisk brand coordinated image with the same colors and structure.

Starting January 1, 2015, in addition to industrial vacuums, pneumatic conveyors and centralized vacuum systems, you can also find commercial vacuum cleaners, scrubber/dryers, sweepers, single discs, burnishers and carpet extractors, under one premium brand: Nilfisk.

In Nilfisk we will continue to do everything we can to exceed your expectations, ensuring the highest attention to your needs.​

For more info, please contact:
Leonardo Bianco – Global Brand Marketing Manager leonardo.bianco@nilfisk.com