Spare parts

Customer satisfaction has top priority at Nilfisk

To eliminate downtime, fast delivery of spare parts is necessary. Availability and fast delivery of spare parts result in more cleaning time, more facilities cleaned and a good customer experience.
​If a customer faces a machine breakdown, we will not keep this customer waiting for spare parts, but will make sure that the machine is up and running quickly to enable a high productivity level and keep the customer happy. 



New spare parts warehouse in Europe for fast delivery and high productivity

In addition to the warehouse in Brøndby, Denmark, Nilfisk has established a new central warehouse for spare parts in Ghent, Belgium. The spare parts warehouse, with its central location, makes it possible to reach most European customers with a 2 day standard lead time and a 1 day lead time for express deliveries.

Maximum availability of spare parts

More than 8.000 spare parts have been identified as items that need to be delivered quickly to customers when they face a machine breakdown. Therefore these spare parts are always kept in stock, so that a fast delivery is possible at any time.




Spare parts warehouse brochure