Nilfisk TrackClean™

Delivering profitability, quality and transparency – at your fingertips

Improving your business through intelligent fleet management

TrackClean™ gives you 24/7 remote access to every connected cleaning machine. This means you know exactly what is happening, when and where it is happening and by whom – with every connected machine you can monitor, verify and improve your operational effectiveness.

TrackClean™ monitors your fleet operation, transmits the data to your secure web portal and converts the data into useful information. 




TrackClean™ provides transparency and profitability at your fingertips. Greater visibility and control over your cleaning assets help you reduce operation costs and improve productivity. This results in more cleaning time, more facilities cleaned and more satisfied customers.

See the TrackClean™ animation, which explains how the fleet management system works and how you can optimize your resources and productivity.



The data includes:

  • Machine working time
  • Transport time
  • Machine identification
  • Machine location
  • Operator ID
  • Time of day for every machine action​



Your benefits:

  • TrackClean™ records operational data of your fleet, ensures transparency and increases your profitability
  • TrackClean™ allows you to intelligently optimize your cleaning program, monitor cleaning performance and reduce cost
  • The intuitive secure  web portal is accessed via your PC, tablet device or smart phone and provides you with a detailed overview of machine activity to help you drive results into your cleaning operation
  • Data is available 24/7 ensuring you the possibility to optimize your machine deployment and reduce down-time
  • TrackClean™​ notifies you of any issues that needs immediate attention and can help reduce your repair costs and down-time​​​​​​​​​​​


TrackClean™ fleet management systems
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