Cleaning with tap water

Plain tap water can clean many surfaces very well. Nilfisk Ecoflex provides total flexibility to effortlessly switch between chemical-free, water-only cleaning or different cleaning intensities at the touch of a button. Nilfisk’s strong sales of EcoFlex™ reflect the marketplace’s understanding of the cleaning power of ordinary tap water and the reality that certain soiled surfaces at times require detergent

Nilfisk EcoFlex™

Electrically-activated water no better than tap water

To evaluate the performance of electrically-activated water, plain tap water and cleaning with a common detergent on floor scrubbers, Nilfisk has  worked with several experts to design a comprehensive test procedure using accepted ASTM standards and best industry practice.

Nilfisk retained two independent and internationally-accredited labs to test the cleaning performance of today’s current floor scrubbers. The labs measured the cleaning efficiency when using three different cleaning solutions:

  1. with electrically-activated water
  2. with plain tap water and
  3. with tap water and detergent 

The results show that the floor scrubber using electrically-activated water performed no better than when that scrubber cleaned with only tap water.

The results also indicate that when cleaning with electrically-activated water, the scrubber did not clean as effectively as when the scrubber cleaned with a common detergent.​​​


Professional Testing Laboratory, Inc.
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Environ Laboratories
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Cleaning Efficiency Testing Summary
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