MH 5M-210/1110 400/3/50 EU
MH 5M-210/1110 220-440/3/60 EXPT 107146657
MH 5M-190/960 400/3/50 EU (discontinued) 107146650
MH 5M-190/960 X 400/3/50 EU (discontinued) 107146651
MH 5M-210/1110 X 400/3/50 EU (discontinued) 107146654
MH 5M-210/1110 230-400/3/50 NO (discontinued) 107146655
MH 5M-210/1110 X 230-400/3/50 NO (discontinued) 107146656
MH 5M-170/910 200/3/50 JP (discontinued) 107146660
MH 5M-170/910 200/3/60 JP (discontinued) 107146661
MH 5M-190/960 230-400/3/50 NO (discontinued) 107146666


High cleaning performance and heating effect combined with long lifetime and robustness

MH 5M-210/1110 400/3/50 EU
Model selection
This product is no longer for sale
Model No. 107146653

MH series of high pressure washers - with hot benefits

The MH series brings you ergonomics, long life-time and high cleaning performance
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Mobile pressure washers

The Nilfisk family of mobile high-pressure washers can cope with the toughest of cleaning situations. You can trust them to do the job in a wide range of settings including agriculture, automotive, building & construction, rental, food industry and manufacturing & warehousing.