Mobile pressure washers

The Nilfisk family of mobile high-pressure washers can cope with the toughest of cleaning situations. You can trust them to do the job in a wide range of settings including agriculture, automotive, building & construction, rental, food industry and manufacturing & warehousing.

Our experience works to reduce your cost of ownership

Nilfisk offers you more than 50 years’ experience with professional high pressure-washers. That means we can provide optimal cleaning solutions that deliver what you need: lower operating costs, optimized productivity, and a reduced total cost of cleaning.

Nilfisk's green agenda will benefit yours

We see sustainability as a part of our sound business practice. Nilfisk solutions reduce the consumption of resources, benefitting both the environment and your bottom line.

Nilfisk solutions for the agriculture industry

Agriculture places the most demanding requirements on people and equipment. From pig farmers to wine producers, we offer the right solution for every task.

Nilfisk solutions for the automotive industry

Make your showrooms, repair centers and shops clean and inviting. From indoor to outdoor areas – Nilfisk can offer you the perfect solutions, so you can keep your focus on your customers.

Nilfisk solutions for the building and construction industry

Building and construction managers are choosing Nilfisk cleaning machines to help maintain their tools and equipment and keep areas clean and safe.
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