Our employees

Nilfisk is a company with strong cross-functional collaboration.

  • We are 5,500+ employees globally.
  • 40% work in operations, 32% in sales and service, 20% in business support, 7% in customer service.
  • 30 % of our employees have been with Nilfisk for more than 10 years.
  • Employee engagement is measured frequently, with scores increasing steadily.​
  • More than eight in ten employees are either proud or very proud to be working for Nilfisk.



Amit Khamkar 
Portfolio management and impactful launches

Amit Khamkar, mechanical engineer with an MBA in marketing, came to Nilfisk in 2016 to work with portfolio management and impactful product launches. Already after his first year with the company, Amit learned that although he has been with other global manufacturing companies before, there is something unique about Nilfisk: “Things are changing very fast at Nilfisk. But people change with them. People are open to change, focus on the positive outcomes and do not get frustrated. Also the competence level is high across the organization.” Amit is part of the global Product Management and Marketing organization and based with Nilfisk in Denmark.​


Müge Joergensen 
Working in a global environment

In 2015, Turkish-born Müge Joergensen came to Nilfisk.  Her international career had previously taken her to countries such as Spain, Belgium and Sweden. Müge has a degree in Business Administration and an MBA, where she specialized in Marketing and Management. Following her studies, she wished to work in a global environment, with strong local anchoring. Today, she uses her international experience to optimize the supply chain for Nilfisk’s sales companies across Europe and Asia. She interacts with the global Nilfisk community daily and says: “We are performance oriented, but at the same time people work together. I have a lot of freedom to do my job, but you never feel as though you are on your own”.​