Data privacy

Data privacy for job applicants 

By submitting your application and accompanying materials to Nilfisk, you are expressly giving Nilfisk your consent to obtain, use, store and share (collectively, “process”), the information about you (“personal data”) as follows. You may at any time contact the person listed below to instruct Nilfisk to stop processing and delete your personal data and Nilfisk will do so and confirm this to you.​

Processing your data
Nilfisk will process your data in order to determine whether you are the appropriate candidate for this job. In order to do this, the Nilfisk Human Resources (HR) contact person will share your data, to the extent necessary, with other HR colleagues, and the relevant job function employees and managers. We also use your data in order to contact you.

Nilfisk will share your materials, to the extent necessary, with external parties that also must be involved in determining whether you are the appropriate candidate, including a firm that conducts job candidate evaluations, and recruitment firms, in order to compare your profile against other candidate profiles. 

Nilfisk processes your data securely and confidentially, making it available only on a need-to-know basis.

Sensitive data
These are data on health, trade union membership, religious, political or philosophical beliefs, sex life or sexual orientation, genetic and biometric data (e.g. photos, fingerprints), and racial and ethnic background.

These data are not relevant in evaluating you as a candidate, unless required by the laws of the country where you are applying (for example, laws to assist disadvantaged groups), and Nilfisk will not consider such data in its evaluation process, except to the extent required by applicable laws.

We encourage you not to include such data in your application, unless required by applicable local laws, but if you choose to provide such data, you explicitly consent to Nilfisk’s sharing that sensitive data as explained above, because we cannot separate it from your application materials.

Legal basis for processing your data
Nilfisk processes your data​
- Because we have a legitimate interest to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for this job;
- If you have made sensitive data manifestly public on openly accessible social media;
- Because you have given your consent as stated above
- If we offer you the job, because we will enter into an employment contract with you and because we are required to
        report relevant government agencies, e.g. tax, immigration, social security, as well as with any trade union of which
        you are a member.

Transfer of your data outside the European Economic Area
Nilfisk may need to transfer your data outside the Europ​ean Eco​nomic Area (EEA) (See below) ​​to evaluate you; such transfers occur under EU Standard Clause data transfer agreements. By submitting your application you explicitly consent to Nilfisk’s transferring your data.

Sources of your data
In addition to your application materials, Nilfisk will obtain feedback from persons you have given us permission to contact as references. We will not disclose to you the content of their comments, due to their confidential nature.​

Storing your data
Nilfisk will store your data during the entire job selection process, and for one month after that process ends and a candidate is selected. We will then delete your data. If you become a Nilfisk employee, we will store your data in accordance with our employee data rules

Your rights to your data:
You may contact Nilfisk’s Global Compliance Officer at to obtain in an electronically readable form your data that Nilfisk is processing, as well as to request Nilfisk to:

Stop processing and delete your data
Correct your data, and/or
Stop processing your data while they are corrected

European Economic Area (EEA):
Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and the members of the European Union (EU): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom (until March 2019).