Mission and values

Every day, across the world, people need clean environments: workplaces, institutions, hospitals and homes. We need clean surroundings to ensure our safety, health, comfort and, not least, our productivity. And as global populations continue to grow and living standards improve, the demand for cleaning increases.

At Nilfisk, we have a clear mission that drives our dedication to what we do: 

We enable ​sustainabl​e cleaning worldwide to improve quality of life
Nilfisk mission statement

​Our company mission is strongly backed by a fundamental set of beliefs – shared by everyone across Nilfisk – that captures the way we think and act - our core values.




Driven by a commitment to and pride in our products and services, creating strong customer relations and mutually driving our business forward has been part of our mindset for decades.​




A strong performance culture makes it important to continuously focus on the training and development of our employees. Working together across functions, departments and borders is a key element of the success of Nilfisk.




A competitive, ambitious mindset and performance-oriented culture have characterized the organization since the company was founded, and has driven Nilfisk to where it is today.




Deeply rooted in the founder of Nilfisk, Danish engineer P.A. Fisker, professionalism has been a key characteristic of the way we have developed our business. Today, responsibility and accuracy are driving forces in the way we work.​




Quality and reliability are in the DNA that defines our products and characterizes the way we do business. We treat reliability as an inevitable part of our business, our products and our partnership with customers.​