Company milestones

It was a desire for knowledge and the ambition to create a global company based on the potential of technology that drove Peder Andersen Fisker to establish the company in a backyard workshop in Copenhagen in 1906.The company soon became a leading global supplier of professional cleaning equipment. 

As the timeline below shows, we have been committed to bringing innovative cleaning solutions to market and grow our business to lead the industry ever since. 
Company milestones
NKT A/S is split into two individual companies, and Nilfisk is listed as an independent company on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Copenhagen).
Nilfisk announces The Horizon Program and showcases the first prototype of a new and ground-breaking autonomous scrubber enabling unmanned cleaning.
Nilfisk launches its first fuel cell powered machine, the CS7000.
Acquisition of Viper, a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of professional cleaning equipment to the mid-market.
Nilfisk establishes production sites in Hungary and China.
Nilfisk acquires the ALTO group, which was formed six years earlier from merging 10 global brands within the cleaning industry, including Wap and Clarke.
Nilfisk acquires the American ”Advance Machine Company” and significantly expands market coverage to professionals in the US.
Nilfisk is acquired by NKT Holding.
Nilfisk takes over Gerni, which enables Nilfisk to start market high pressure cleaners for the first time.
Nilfisk starts production of the iconic G70 vacuum cleaner for households and professionals. It is the first Nilfisk vacuum cleaner with a dust bag.
The first floor cleaner is introduced. Floorcare later becomes the largest product line in the portfolio.
Sales companies are established in Great Britain and Germany. Export sales surpass domestic sales.
Nilfisk develops and patents the first electric vacuum cleaner in Europe’s. It is named ”C1” and completely changes cleaning. It becomes the foundation stone of Nilfisk.
Nilfisk is founded in Denmark by P. A. Fisker and H. M. Nielsen.

A passion for knowledge

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