Nilfisk’s Leadership Team consists of 11 members, headed by Hans Henrik Lund, CEO



Hans Henrik Lund
Joined Nilfisk in 2017

For the past 25 years, Hans Henrik Lund has held several leadership positions in global companies. He joined Nilfisk as CEO in 2017 and has a strong background in technology, digitalization and product development. Before starting at Nilfisk, he worked at Danfoss for 10 years in the field of heating automation and another 10 years leading mobile accessory companies, Jabra and Nokia Gear. Most recently, he held the position of CEO at the Finnish lighting company Helvar. Hans Henrik Lund holds an M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, a Ph.D in Material Science and an MBA in Organisation and Business.​



Karina Deacon 
Executive Vice President and CFO
Joined Nilfisk in 2016

Karina Deacon has a strong record and solid experience in financial management and strategic leadership. Karina Deacon joined Nilfisk in 2016 as Executive Vice President and CFO, responsible for finance, IT and Business Development. Over the course of her career Karina Deacon has held positions with several global companies such as Saxo Bank and PwC. She also has a valuable insight into the cleaning industry from 12 years with ISS, most recently as Regional CFO of Central Europe. Karina Deacon holds a MSc in Business Economics and Auditing from Aarhus Business School, Denmark.


Camilla Ramby
Executive Vice President, Marketing
Joined Nilfisk in 2018​

Camilla Ramby has extensive experience with development of brand, marketing and communication strategies with a special focus on commercial execution. Camilla Ramby joined Nilfisk in 2018. Prior to that she has worked with digital and data driven marketing as well as advanced analytics and market insights in both the financial industry and in telecom. Camilla Ramby holds a MSc in International Marketing and Management from Copenhagen Business School. ​​


Serdar Ülger
Senior Vice President, APAC
Joined Nilfisk in 2005

Serdar Ülger has international experience within general business management, sales, marketing and finance and he has a background of executing strategies within exclusive as well as multi-brand dealer networks and product/pricing strategies. Serdar Ülger joined Nilfisk Group as General Manager of the newly established Nilfisk sales company in Turkey, and later he took over the responsibility of sales in the East and South East EMEA region. Serdar Ülger’s career includes positions within Product Management and Marketing at Turk Pirelli Tires. Serdar Ülger holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc. in Computer Engineering, both from Boğaziçi University in İstanbul, Turkey.



Steen Lindbo 
Executive Vice President, EMEA
Joined Nilfisk in 2018

Steen Lindbo has worked with international B2B sales for more than 25 years and has extensive experience with commercial development, channel strategy, product/pricing strategies and key account management. Prior to joining Nilfisk, Steen Lindbo worked for the US founded company Stanley Black & Decker. Here he has filled several management roles both in the Nordics, Europe and globally. Most recently he headed up the Hand Tools and Storage Division across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. At Nilfisk, Steen Lindbo took over the responsibility for Nilfisk EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) on September 1, 2018. 



Lars Gjødsbøl 
Executive Vice President, Products & Services
Joined Nilfisk in 2003

Lars Gjødsbøl has extensive experience with all areas of operations, including R&D, strategic sourcing, production, supply chain, product management and quality. Lars Gjødsbøl joined Nilfisk as head of European and Asian sourcing. He was later appointed to the Management with the responsibility for sourcing, production, product development, and product management/marketing in Europe and Asia and since 2012, he was responsible for Global Operations. In 2017, Lars Gjødsbøl took over the responsibility for global product development and technology development . Lars Gjødsbøl’s career includes an operations role with Novo Nordisk and a position as management consultant with McKinsey & Company. Lars Gjødsbøl holds an MBA in Commercial Law from CBS, Denmark


Jesper Terndrup Madsen
Executive Vice President, Global Operations
Joined Nilfisk in 2015

Jesper Terndrup Madsen joined Nilfisk in 2015. He has extensive experience with end-to-end supply chain management and business transformation covering demand and supply planning, procurement, supply management, manufacturing, warehouse operations, distribution & sales support. At Nilfisk he has held the position as Senior Vice President for Global Supply Chain and was appointed Executive Vice President for Global Operations in 2017. Jesper Terndrup Madsen’s career includes various management positions within global supply chain at Royal Copenhagen and GN Netcom and a position as management consultant with Accenture. Jesper Terndrup Madsen holds a Master of Science in International Business from Aarhus School of Business, Denmark.​​ 



Casper Brorsen
Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy & Business Development
Joined Nilfisk in 2018

Casper Brorsen has extensive experience in strategy execution, innovation, commercial development and M&A. Casper Brorsen joined Nilfisk in 2018 as Head of Strategy & Business Development. Prior to joining Nilfisk, Casper Brorsen most recently comes from Falck, a global leading provider of emergency services. Here he gained valuable experience with development of service strategies and was responsible for commercial development and strategy executing in selected business units. Casper Brorsen holds a M.Sc in Applied Economics and Finance and an MBA from IMD Business School.


Jacob Blom
Executiv​e Vice President, HR
Joined Nilfisk in 2016​

Jacob Blom has extensive experience within Human Resource Management and has lead HR transformation projects in large international companies including the implementation of Group processes and HR systems. Jacob Blom joined Nilfisk in 2016 as Executive Vice President, HR. He formerly held positions with NCC AB, TDC and Merck & Co. Jacob Blom is an army officer graduated from The Royal Danish Military Academy and has served as an officer in the Danish Army in numerous roles. In addition, Jacob Blom holds a Graduate Diploma in Organization & Leadership from CBS, Denmark.



Morten Mathiesen
Senior Vice President – Specialty Professional
Joined Nilfisk in 1996

Morten Mathiesen has been with the company since 1996 where he started in a position in Group Finance and later moved to Business Development. In 2001, he became Finance Manager Italy and in 2006 he was appointed General Manager for the CFM Group which was the foundation for creating the Industrial Vacuum Solutions Division. In addition to Finance, Morten Mathiesen has experience within business solutions, business management, sales, M&A and global execution. Over the course of his career he has held positions with Deloitte and Touche and with Educom Business Solutions working also abroad in Australia and US. Morten Mathiesen holds a Bachelor of Account and Economics from Slagelse Business School, Denmark.​ 


Thomas Dragø Nielsen
Senior Vice President – Specialty Consumer
Joined Nilfisk in 1995

Thomas Dragø Nielsen joined Nilfisk in 1995 and has held various positions across the company within sales management, marketing and global execution. At Nilfisk, he has held various positions including International Key Account Manager, European Service Manager, General Manager of Nilfisk UK/I, General Manager of Nilfisk Australia/New Zealand and Senior General Manager of Nilfisk Nordic before moving into his current role in 2016 as head of the Consumer business area. Thomas Dragø Nielsen holds a Master of Science (Msc.) in International Business Economics from University of Aalborg.