Innovation at Nilfisk

Intelligent cleaning

We wish to drive industry innovation by fundamentally changing the way we clean. In 2016, we introduced The Horizon Program, our long term innovation strategy, which focuses on developing intelligent cleaning offerings to make our customers’ businesses smarter.
We monitor new technologies and trends and we validate them through customer insights. Our product development is structured around the themes we most strongly believe will benefit our customers business. Here are some of the themes:

  • Collect, consolidate, and make data available, so that cleaning can be performed "intelligently" 
  • Introduce autonomous cleaning to provide productivity gains and consistent quality of clean. 
  • Empower cleaners through smart interactions 
  • Develop value-added services and insights, i.e. digitalized services and data driven recommendations on the best possible cleaning regime. ​

Global product development

Our product development is customer centric and based on a close cross functional collaboration between our customer insight teams and our product development organization. More than 3% of our annual revenue is spent on research and development, and across the world we have more than 250 engineers and specialists working with a structured stage-gate development process. 

Product development is managed centrally, but based at four competence centers located in Denmark, Italy, the USA and China. Local research and development resources have also been established at production facilities in China, Hungary and Mexico to support new products in both the development and industrialization phases.

Our innovation history

For more than 100 years, Nilfisk has worked on bringing innovative cleaning solutions to the market. Just think about the first vacuum cleaner launched in 1910; the “C1”, which was the first electrical vacuum cleaner in Europe. Since then, innovations continued to be launched, such as the “Silent Dane” in 1932, which introduced significantly lower noise levels in vacuum cleaning. In 1955, Nilfisk introduced the first automatic floor scrubber.