NOVEMBER 12, 2015

Nilfisk acquires Hydro Tek

Effective November 1, 2015, Nilfisk Group has acquired Hydro Tek, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high pressure cleaners in North America. US based Hydro Tek has a strong position in the high pressure market, and the acquisition significantly increases Nilfisk’s market reach in this business throughout North America.

Hydro Tek has a diverse product offering and the company is particularly strong in the range of hot water petrol-based pressure washers. Sales are spread across the country through a strong distributor and dealer network.  

 Jonas Persson, President and CEO of Nilfisk Group, comments on the acquisition:   “The combination of Hydro Tek and Nilfisk creates a strong position for Nilfisk in the commercial high pressure washer business in the Americas; a market where Nilfisk has not yet had a significant presence,” says Jonas Persson.   “

It is a key element in Nilfisk’s strategy Accelerate to continuously look for opportunities to grow our business and grow market shares. The acquisition of Hydro Tek expands the product portfolio in the Nilfisk Group and widens the dealer network for increased sales and distribution of our products.”   

Hydro Tek was founded in 1985 and is engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of commercial pressure with additional business in water recovery and treatment systems, as well as trailers and accessories. The company is located in Redlands, California, US. ​