Whistleblower hotline

​​Your willingness to come forward and report unethical behavior is important to Nilfisk.
Anyone employed at the Nilfisk Group, as well as business partners, customers or others associated with the Nilfisk Group can report any actual or potentially serious concerns within the Nilfisk Group.

If you have experienced disconcerting irregularities in connection with your Nilfisk experience, the Nilfisk Group greatly appreciate that you report it.

In order to protect and assist potential whistleblowers, Nilfisk Holding has engaged the Denmark-based company Got Ethics to provide an anonymous and confidential method to learn about your suggestions, concerns of or report of misconduct.

The information you provide will be communicated to Nilfisk by Got Ethics on a confidential and anonymous basis. 

The Nilfisk Group guarantees you that your comments will be heard and appreciates your support in keeping the Nilfisk Group an ethical company.