Industrial vacuums and pneumatic conveyors provide high standard of hygiene, avoid cross-contamination and increase production efficiency.

When design and hygiene meet performance

Standards of hygiene, safety and productivity are extremely high in the pharmaceutical sector, as they should be when the ultimate aim is to provide the user with a safe, effective product. All Nilfisk machinery designed for the pharmaceutical sector offers excellent reliability and is made of the highest quality materials.

Pharma in focus - Dedicated vacuum and cleaning solutions

Let us help you attain safety, hygiene, automation and product quality in pharmaceutical production...

Dust Containment Systems

Containment is the area separation from product to personnel/ environmental area by a barrier, and it is needed to prevent any negative impacts.

Industrial vacuum cleaners for hazardous dust

Protect your health by using the right industrial vacuum cleaners suitable for the recovery of hazardous dust.


Pharma in focus - Dedicated vacuum and cleaning solutions
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