Dust Containment

Nilfisk Dust Containment Systems for highly potent APIs safely manage toxic dust during solid dose manufacturing processes to protect personnel, the environment and the product
The recovery of APIs and HPAPIs requires special devices and features to protect the operator from contact. Nilfisk has designed a high containment filter unit (up to OEB5) for this application. It is available in several versions, from standard to specially customized.



  • Safe environment: the system maintains a dust containment grade of OEB5 during the production phase and PEB4 during the maintenance
  • Protecting users: with a Bag-In Bag-Out HEPA filter replacement system the filter is easily removed and safely disposed of according to standard operating procedures. Personnel never comes in contact with the contaminated filter.
  • Validation of the unit before installation
  • Complete disconnection of the filter unit from the vacuum line at the end of the operation to avoid cross-contamination
  • 24/7 operating machines
Bag-In Bag-Out HEPA Replacement Safe material disposal Wash-in-Place to deactivate dust into the unit