ATEX certified accessories

Do you long for never-ending SAFETY?
The only safe way is the one without contingencies.

Discover the new range of ATEX accessories to be connected to the Nilfisk explosion-proof industrial vacuums, certified by a notified body for total safety. 
Safety is one of the most important concept in Nilfisk philosophy. 
A new complete range of ATEX accessories suitable for II 2D 2G has been developed and certified by a notified body. 

Discover the new closed circuit concept applied along the whole accessories sequence, from the vacuum cleaner to the terminal tool.

Why should you use ATEX certified accessories?

To avoid explosion risks.

Unique accessory attachments avoid any improper use. In this way, the operator can only use accessories suitable for use in ATEX environments. All the connectors are electrochemical marked indicating the same reference reported in the test report and on the official certificate. 
Available documentation: certificate, test report, new user manual for EX accessories, and attestation of conformity.


It is your warranty for total safety

The connection that creates the closed circuit is easy, smart. There are male and female parts to be connected, starting from the new inlet. The parts have a block to avoid the usage of not tested accessories. With the closed circuit concept, Nilfisk takes the responsibility for the choice of safe and tested accessories for the operator, to prevent misusage, possible mistakes, or even explosion risks.


The new ATEX Accessories video

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ATEX Accessories in action!

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