It is compact.... It is powerful... It is capacious... It is everything you need to collect any type of waste and get a cleaner and more effective production
Everything you need to get a cleaner and more effective production.

Model VHS120 is a singlephase wet and dry industrial vacuum ideal when there is need of high performances in compact dimensions. Here the main features:

  • Excellent performances in a compact size: even if it is a small and compact vacuum cleaner, the two by-pass motors secure great performances in terms of power, airflow and vacuum. 

  • Small footprint:  the standard version is only 1 meter high and is very compact in general, so it can be moved very easily and is ideal in case the available space is reduced. Moreover, it can be transported on a car or a small lorry when needed.

  • Great capacity: even if the size is very reduced, model VHS120 features a 37 litres container. which is on wheels and can be easily removed and emptied. 
  • For the safe recovery of hazardous materials: model VHS120 is available in M and H class (certified by third party) . These versions are recommended for the recovery of the hazardous material in total safety. The M and H versions are equipped with Longopac® system for an easy and safe discharge of the collected material 




    VHS120: the most compact and powerful ever.


    Cleaning of the production site and equipment.


    The compact size allows to reach any point