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Premium class, long-life pumps
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Premium class, long-life pumps

Nilfisk is renowned for the long-life C3 pump, the core premium class pump in the
range with more than 20 years use in some of the most extreme conditions in the market.
Nilfisk now adds a further high class pump to its range in the form of the NA6 pump
- a design inspired by the success of the C3.​




The NA6 range of pumps brings significant customer benefits

• Wide range of performances up to 250 bar and up to 1600 l/h for solving cleaning tasks in a wide range of customer areas.

• High inlet water temperature up to 80°C meaning that the pump can be run with hot water, even on a cold water machine, increasing the cleaning effect and reducing the cost of cleaning.

• Long-life C3-type construction with double roller bearings, 4 ceramic pistons, steel valves and reinforced brass pump head. During development testing, pumps were run for almost 10,000 hours with pistons travelling the equivalent of one-and-a-half trips  around the world! Real power and durability.

• Flow Activated control system for pressure relieved standby mode – additional comfort and motor protection against leaks.

• 4 pole (1450 rpm) air cooled and efficient motor with thermal protection.

Large, double-roller bearing system on wobble disc with needle bearings like the C3 pump ensures a long lifetime and reliability for the core pump system.

Pump oil sight and oil tank with integrated low pump oil safety cut out. Maintenance is simplified and the machine is protected against running the pump without oil, ensuring longer service life.



High efficiency stainless steel inlet and outlet valves. A Flow Activated unloader system for optimal comfort in use. Includes water flow regulation and detergent injection valve.


Solid ceramic piston sleeves with polished piston head. Low wear surface, hardened material and excellent resistance to temperature change increase the service life of the pump and allow use of hot water.

Reinforced brass pump head, efficiently formed to add strength around critical areas and thus increase lifetime.

Double seal system with intermediate chamber and evacuation channel to suction side of pump ensures that any leaks are re-circulated, increasing time between services and prevents the blockage of pistons due to wear on primary seals.