Pressure washers surface and floor cleaning

Accessories that increase cleaning performance over larger surfaces. For cleaning tables, walls and larger floor surfaces.​

PowerSpeed Vario Plus Lance and TurboHammer Plus Lance​

The Power Speed Vario Plus lance offers you multiple benefits and effects.

The pressure adjustment knob ensures that you can clean with high pressure, but also rinse and apply detergent with one lance. 

For both lances, the rotary jet increases cleaning performance over larger surfaces.




The HydroScrub offers you quick,effortless cleaning. This lightweight accessory is compatible with most hot and cold water pressure washers, cleaning 10 times quicker than a normal nozzle. 

You can find the HydroScrub in four variants: the HydroScrub P300H, which is a hand-held HydroScrub for cleaning surfaces, like tables, walls, etc., and the HydroScrub P400, S500, P500M walk-behind HydroScrubs, ideal for cleaning large floor surfaces.