Pressure washer vehicle cleaning

Pressure washer vehicle cleaning
​Adapatable accessories such as lances and brushes for cleaning under the chassis, for cleaning motors and hard to reach areas.
Ideal for washing trucks, ​buses and camping trailers.

Double Short Lance and Curved Lance

The Double Short Lance is a 100 mm lance that allows you to work close to the dirt. It allows for adaptable pressure without using a high-pressure nozzle. The Curved Lance is ideal for cleaning a vehicle under chassis. You can use both lances to clean motors and hard to reach areas.



Undercarriage Washer

The Undercarriage Washer is a special lance, long with castor wheels that allows you to easily clean under large vehicles.


Wash Brush and  Rotary Brush

Wash Brush and the Rotary Brush are driven by the water from your pressure washer and include a pressure regulation for detergent. The Rotary Brush also has a control for rotation speed and is available in 80cm and 170cm. Both brushes are ideal for washing trucks, buses and camping trailers.


Foam Sprayer, Foam Injector and Foam Lance

The Foam Sprayer is available in different capacities with either fixed or adjustable dosing. The Foam Injector is designed for external injection of detergents with foam effect in association with a Foam Lance. These solutions offer high quality foam when used with the appropriate detergents.​


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