Pressure washer accessories

​The ideal solution for you, whatever the cleaning accessory or application.
Optimize your pressure washer to your specific cleaning task with our extensive range of quality accessories and attachments. We help you perform even better in your daily work.

The 4-in-1 Lance

An innovative lance with 4 different nozzles for almost all your cleaning tasks and applications. You can simply change between nozzles, making cleaning even easier.

  • Low pressure and detergent nozzle
  • Rotating nozzle
  • High pressure – wide 65° angle
  • Tornado Nozzle – sharp and efficient 20° Nozzle

The complete lance, including the nozzle head, is pre-mounted with 4 different nozzles with the same nozzle size. If you want to clean in a specific application, you can easily chose the correct nozzle with an easy rotation of the blue front part of the nozzle head.

Here you get one lance, 4-in-1 Lance, for use in most segments, always providing you with the right nozzle for the right applications, like when spraying detergents or doing everyday’ s cleaning tasks. Easy connection to gun and easy shift to the most effective nozzle needed. Again, easy shift from one to another nozzle by just a simple twist of a hand. Let the blue color indicate you where to hold when turning.

Ergo guns

The Nilfisk Ergo 2000 VP gun, Ergo 2000 STD/Standard gun and Ergo 3000 gun are considered the most ergonomic and user-friendly solutions on the market. The Ergo 2000 guns have the lowest forces for reduced user strain.

The design fits comfortably in the hand. There is plenty of space inside the trigger guard for big hands or for people wearing gloves.



Hose and trolley

The Hose and Trolley is the ideal accessory for facilitating storage and protection of a high pressure hose up to 50m long.


Sand filters

Sand Filters are an essential piece of equipment to protect the pump from sand and dirt in the water. Sand Filters are a must when cleaning in sectors like construction and agriculture.​


Cleaning trolley

The Cleaning Trolley is a stainless steel trolley with a stainless steel hose reel, a foam injector, a basket for accessories and space for 2 x 5 L tanks and 1 x 25 L.​mn


Single lances

The Universal Plus Lance is a lightweight single lance, ideal for high-pressure washers with a high-pressure detergent function. It is available in different versions, curved and straight. This Lance is ideal for work in small spaces, or of difficult access. 

The FlexoPower Plus Lance is a single lance with the ability to switch between high-low pressure and low pressure at the nozzle head, allowing for with low pressure detergent and rinsing. It can regulate pressure and is ideal for larger work places.


Tornado Plus

The Tornado Plus 2-pipe Lance is a double lance with separate high and low pressure nozzles. This lance can easily adjust the pressure giving optimal low pressure spray pattern for flushing. 

The Tornado Plus Nozzle delivers a highly concentrated jet, increasing cleaning efficiency by 75% compared to standard nozzles.


Liquid sprayers

Liquid Sprayers are hand-held low pressure manual sprayers. Specific models can be used with aggressive detergents and acids.​


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