The solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

PharmaceutiCare means assisting the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical production with services, industrial vacuum solutions and direct consulting, having three clear goals in mind: safety, hygiene, and efficiency.

Nilfisk is clearly aware of the needs and the high safety and hygiene standards required by this sector: this is why it designs and manufactures pneumatic conveyors and industrial vacuums suitable to support every step of the pharmaceutical production. This is part of Nilfisk PharmaceutiCare.

PharmaceutiCarereal advantages


equipped with HEPA or ULPA filters, Nilfisk vacuum cleaners ensure continuous suction on process machines, while the dust containment systems reach the OEB5 level. The operator never comes into contact with toxic substances, even the disposal of the collected material and the filter replacement operations are made in total safety. 


zero contamination is the key word. Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are GMP conform, are easy to clean and sanitize and are equipped with specific filters, suitable even for the recovery of very fine or toxic dust


using Nilfisk industrial vacuums means reducing the time used for the cleaning of the equipment and of the working environment. The possibility to integrate the vacuum cleaners in the process machines allows to continuously recover the waste, avoiding machines downtime and ensuring product quality.  


Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors allow to transfer pharmaceutical compounds keeping the percentages of components unchanged within the product, moreover, they can move even capsules and tablets, without breaking or damaging them. The product conveying process takes place in perfectly hygienic conditions, therefore respecting both the environment and the operators’ health   


PharmaceutiCare: a specific range

INDUSTRIAL VACUUMS for hygiene, efficiency and safety 

The range includes singlephase, threephase or compressed air industrial vacuums, mobile or fixed, painted or in stainless steel. They ensure excellent filtration performances thanks to the

different filters: from the textile or polyester filters up to the absolute HEPA or ULPA filters, suitable for the recovery of toxic material. Nilfisk industrial

vacuums are GMP conform and have different certifications: ATEX, CE, TüV (L-M-H), Class II Div2, EXP.

PNEUMATIC CONVEYORS for efficiency and automation

Pneumatic conveyors move dry raw materials, such as powders and/or granules, empty capsules, tablets, to feed processing machines and systems such as reactors, mixers, dosing

machines, bins, process machines, blistering machines, etc... they can move the product from one to different points or vice-versa without segregation, avoiding dust dispersion or product

contamination. The range includes electric and compressed air models.



Suitable for the recovery of APIs and HPAPIs, Nilfisk dust containment systems are equipped with absolute filters for toxic and very fine dust. 


  • Containment level: up to OEB 5
  • Up to 1080 m3/h airflow in very compact dimensions
  • GMP design
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Available in WIP version