InfiniClean ATEX, the automatic filter cleaning system

Dusty environment? Let's InfiniClean!
InfiniClean does not need your touch, nor an extra power source to clean your vacuum filter...Simply turn the vacuum on!

Nilfisk InfiniClean is an innovative automatic cartridge filter cleaning system featuring conical cartridges, for every kind of dust.

  • It’s original:
    t is a new, original filter cleaning system for industrial vacuums.

  • It’s easy to use: 
    You don’t have to activate it, it works for you!

  • It’s cost-efficient: 
    It prolongs the life time of the filters.

  • It’s environmental friendly: 
    No compressed air or other power sources needed.

  • It's now available in ATEX explosion-proof industrial vacuums:
     you can choose many industrial vacuums with InfiniClean for use in ATEX Z22.

    Choosing InfiniClean means choosing a more productive and healthier environment.



Dusty environment? Let's InfiniClean!

Don't stop your activity to clean the filter, InfiniClean works for you! 


3 or 5 conical cartridges with 99,99% filter efficiency at 0,3 micron


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