Industrial vacuum solutions for bakeries

Industrial vacuum cleaners for the cleaning of bakeries and ovens. Safety, hygiene, save of time and money are only some of the benefits Nilfisk provides to the food industry.

Thousands of bakers around the world have
chosen Nilfisk industrial vacuums
to improve their efficiency.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Baking bread and bakery products is an art that involves knowledge, tradition, innovation, people and production areas. 
A clean oven is the starting point. To remove the burnt residues, Nilfisk offers a line of vacuum cleaners equipped with self-extinguishing Nomex® filter with the possibility of adding accessories to recover incandescent materials. One of the latest popular products on the market is the explosion-proof single-phase industrial vacuum VHS 110 ATEX, with a diameter of only 400 mm but with a capacity of 37 liters. 
Nilfisk industrial vacuums are single phase, three phase or use compressed air, they are ATEX, IECEx or Hazloc certified to ensure safety even in areas with potential risk of explosion. Available both in stainless steel as well as painted, they have a smooth and simple design that prevents dust buildup on the surface.



ATEX certified and with brushless motor: a premium industrial vacuum in a small size.

Model VHS110 ATEX is the right choice whenever you need a compact singlephase industrial vacuum that can assure top safety standards thanks to:

  • Excellent performance: the brushless motor assures high safety standards, together with great performance rates in term of airflow. Moreover, it needs less maintenance and is suitable for continuous use. 

  • Excellent filtration performances up to ULPA15

  • Excellent safety: suitable for use in ATEX Zone 22, it is ideal for environments with dust explosion risk. Available also in CIIDIV2 version, complying with the North America directives.
  • Excellent design: with its 400 mm diameter, model VHS110 ATEX is compact, in order to be easily used everywhere, but with a good capacity, thanks to its 37 liters removable container. The simple design allows to clean and sanitize it very easily, being accessible everywhere without any problem.

  • Excellent quality/price ratio

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