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Exceptional hot water cleaning meets certified energy efficiency
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Improving sanitation within agriculture for boosting productivity

Regular cleaning protects your animals from pests and sickness, and hygiene requirements are becoming more and more strict, which can take time away from your primary business. MH series is powerful enough to ensure clean stables, stalls, vehicles and equipment. Suitable for cleaning of:

  • Agricultural equipment and vehicles
  • Stables
  • Protein-rich materials like animal waste and blood 





A clean automotive facility leaves the right impression

Make your showrooms, repair centers and shops clean and inviting. When customers enter your automotive facility, the first impression is important, and  cleanliness is an absolute must.  From indoor to outdoor areas – the MH series is a perfect solution - so you can keep focus on your customers. Suitable for cleaning of:

  • Vehicles, around garages, car dealerships
  • General dirt around forecourts and workshops 
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Dirt types as; oil, grease, traffic film and rim dirt on surfaces like metal and vehicle bodywork

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Keep your construction area and tools clean and eliminate dust and debris

Nilfisk MH series is designed for particularly difficult conditions. They are reliable and durable, and have all the characteristics necessary to operate in very difficult conditions. 

  • Cleaning of tools and vehicles
  • Cleaning of facades 
  • Sandblasting and graffiti removal

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MH series brings you ergonomics, long life-time and high cleaning performance

Make your move and take on some of the most demanding cleaning tasks with the MH series hot water pressure washers. Higher efficiency and quicker cleaning are the by words. When cleaning with hot water, applications such as cleaning of oil and grease from metallic surfaces can be done quickly and effortlessly. ​​




EcoPower​ ​ Boiler

The Nilfisk EcoPower™ boiler offers the benefit of the highest efficiency levels in the market. Main advantage is the reduction in fuel consumption – providing you with a lower total cost of ownership.

The EcoPower™ boiler in the MH series is the most secure in the market with a wide range of safety devices to reduce risk of error and reduce maintenance costs; flame sensor, exhaust gas temp. sensor, water flow sensor and low fuel sensor.


The MH series include an EcoMode function. This temperature setting is the perfect and most cost efficient setting for applications such as vehicle cleaning, cleaning of protein rich materials like blood or animal waste.



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