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Rider floor scrubbers

Rider floor scrubbers are high-productivity solutions for a variety of cleaning applications. Nilfisk rider floor scrubbers can clean up to 116,200 square feet per hour, making them perfect for cleaning spaces of all sizes, from office buildings and retail stores to warehouses and manufacturing plants.

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Stand-on floor scrubbers

Nilfisk stand-on floor scrubbers are compact, cost-effective automatic rider scrubbers for small and medium-sized areas, such as schools and universities, office buildings, retail stores, and healthcare facilities. They have a 20-inch scrub path and can clean up to 26,400 square feet per hour.

Sit down rider floor scrubbers

Nilfisk sit down floor scrubbers have long run times for maximum cleaning productivity in facilities of all sizes, from restaurants and hotels to warehouses and industrial manufacturing plants. They feature scrub decks ranging from 20 to 62 inches and can clean from 8,694 to 116,200 square feet per hour.