Service and maintenance

We realise that one size does not fit all. When you sign a service contract with Nilfisk you have the opportunity to select between a range of different service solutions developed to match your specific needs. We are ready to assist you in choosing the professional service contract that best suits your operations.



Service Solutions Standard - Professional maintenance

Your standard contract contains two yearly maintenance visits and 48 hours response time. Breakdown visits and spare parts are billed separately



Service Solutions Plus – Optimised performance

With the Plus solution you have a firm grip on your maintenance and repair costs, while knowing that your performance is never compromised, only optimised​

Service Solutions Premium – Maximised uptime

If uptime is your absolute top priority and key concern, Service Solutions Premium is the best choice. A quarterly maintenance visit is included, and there are no sudden financial surprises

​​Labour & travel cost YES Y​ES YES
​Extended warr​anty​​​ YES YES​ YES
​Service reports at all visits​ YES YES YES
​Yearly maintainance visits​ ​2 ​2 ​4
​​Response time ​48 hours ​48 hours ​​24 hours
​​Spare parts​ X YES ​​YES
​​Breakdown coverage X YES YES
​​Consumables X X YES
​​Misuse and abuse insurance ​X X YES
​​Loan machine X X YES
​​Weekend coverage X X YES

The conditions and specifics of each element included in Nilfisk Service Solutions may be subject to local change.​


Service and Maintenance brochure